lit squares

icon design | 3D ANIMATIONS

Lit Squares

A CONCEPT OF A web app for a real estate platform.
It connects people who want to eaither
sell or buy and rent a property.


I Designed a concept of a real estate web app for people who are new to this topic, but still wants to invest in it. They need to feel guided and secure, so their experience is clear and straightforward.


I made the goal-directed persona from research data I was supplied with.

logo design

To work within frames I created the brand’s personality, name and logo that reflects the user’s needs. It combines excitement and reliability.

The name regards lit windows. It contains the symbol of a window and a question mark.

user flow

Basing on a card sorting session and the user tasks I built the user flow with the most important functionalities.



Having mid-fidelity prototypes I conducted moderated tests with the users.



In relation to the brand, the style guide bases on squares which indicates a feeling of reliability and cofindance. Also, the primary CTA colour, yellow, implies easiness.s in order - definitaly yes.

3D animations

I used Blender to create simple animations for signing in process and the hero section. This way I not only express the brand’s visual style, but I also immerse users more as soon as it meets the eye.

UI Design

Basing on the user’s main tasks I designed a property page with the ever-flowing gallery and three sections of tab menu.

It structured content well and gave the user everything at hand without overwhelming them.



Even though it’s a desktop that the users prefer to make big decisions, they often on the go, using mobile to search properties.