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Mooncrumbs is a handmade art studio that creates jewellery and home decor products.


Create a brand for a handmade art shop that expresses female sisterhood.

Create a branding-heavy website whose main purpose is not to be an ecommerce marketplace, but to create a connection between the brand and the user first.



While discussing they idea, offering, audience and what they tried to communicate with my client I understood the business’ character.

We put down brand words and did a couple of exercises to set the soon-to-be-brand’s personality and position it with what it stands out.


With first-hand information about their audience we summerised it into the customer’s archetype. It helped aligning the studio’s goals with the audience’s goals.


Then we’d switched to Pinterest, looking for the look & feel, so I could norrow it to a stylescape and kick off with the colour palette, typography, logo and more.

It helped me make sure that my ideas were aligned with the client’s and standed apart from competition.


With the brand’s personality I could go over to design visual brand identity. The logo is based on the Lumina type. It’s sophisticatd, yet hand-made, like the brand.

The name relates to stars that make patterns when connected together. It’s an analogy of creating something beautiful from little things randomly scattered around.

This sets the brand’s mood, still giving it space for it’s universality.


With the persona I could set the goal for both, the website and its visitors, and set what defined its success. During a card sorting session, the website turned into very simple yet immersive.

The Mooncrumbs website’s goal is mainly to create the brand perception in customers’ minds and then move them to a market platform, Etsy.



Another iteration. On its foundation the website is simple and minimalistic. But it’s visual part shows the brand’s narrative and tone.

By interactivity I gave the user the chance to step into the brand’s world on their own.

ui design

The whole project is based on perfect circles and rectangles. Circles represent reminity and rectangles stands for strenght. This combination appears everywhere on the page including product ones.



Even though the user can fully experience the whole scale of the website on desktop, many of them search for similar products and initiatives on mobile.